The rapid evolving of (programming) languages

As nicely described in this article by Dan Kopf, also (programming) languages are evolving at a rapid pace. Only the formation of a Belgian government seems to take forever, again…

The impact of climate change is finally weighing on the public debate

While politicians continue from the whole political spectrum continue to quarrel, I started to reflect about what can be done by myself (and hopefully also others) on a short term, with substantial impact. More about that later: calculations are ongoing.

In my opinion, politicians should probably take the following initiatives: (i) collaborate on the climate topic rather than quarrel about it; (ii) establish national and local climate workforces, focusing on data collection, on modelling and simulation, and on implementation of actions; (iii) involve all of us by requesting proposals for individual actions. The third initiative should be enforced by asking individuals to publicly post proof of adherence to their own proposals.

The following links are interesting sources of in formation in the context of the climate debate:

Spring is in the air: first graphical summary of the core business BioNotus has been published


Great article about p-values

Read the full article at The 20% Statistician. I like the simple yet solid approach of explaining it again and again and again…like explaining grammar.

Plos Medicine: Better science by shifting post-publication culture

check this link: